Back from Holidays!

I've been back home for a couple of days after a fantastic trip to Bali, Indonesia. It was really an incredible experience, I've never been anywhere in the world where the locals have been so kind and friendly - highly recommended for anyone to go and check out!

Above; Danau Beratan, a really beautiful lake near the centre of Bali. The photo shows a small hidden fishing spot next to one of the many temples to be found in Bali.

Check out the Photography Section to see more images from Bali! 

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Mar102010 has left the building!

Anyone who has recently typed in might have been expecting to see their browser filled with a lot of purple surrounding my old portfolio website. - That has now gone, welcome to the clean and fresh new look!

I'll be updating the site on a regular basis so keep dropping by to see new work, photos and blog posts!

I still own the following domains, but these all now point here;