Small-scale niche product businesses

I while back I read an interesting article in Wired magazine discussing the increase of new companies essentially running design studios or small production lines from their home offices and garages.

I personally think we will see more and more of these small product businesses grow quickly in the future, there are a couple of reasons, speciality skills, lower prices & location, but these aren't that interesting. I think the coolest thing about a business run my an individual or small group is the freeness, less rules and regs, a more open-minded approach. A case study in the article was "BrickArms" who produces Lego compatible AK-47's & frag grenades! - Check out the video below and give the web article a read here.

This article also reflects on my own ambition & something I have already started to created with my good friend and partner Luke Vos, "Luma-iD Design House." I am working on the design studio and will update when complete, who knows perhaps it could turn into a market leader... it seems in this day and age a great idea is all that matters.


2010 Malaysian F1 GP

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What interests me the most about F1 is the techy engineering parts of the cars design, in particular the aerodynamic surfacing. Just take a look at the show car from Mercedes GP Petronas in detail!