Quick Doodle to a Quick CAD Model

While away on a business trip in China I found a few spare moments to create something new and different from all the fishing products I have been working on. A quick sketch of a funky, high speed buggy was quickly scribbled down and after a few hours I had created the basic model inside Solidworks. I completed the model in about 12 hours from start to finish, even working on the rendering while sat in the back of a transit van heading to various suppliers!

This model is for sale priced at US$1,500 for a Solidworks model ready to render.







Project: RC Handbrake Car

After almost a year of not updating my blog I thought it was time for a new post! - It seems waking up today for the first time there are no urgent jobs need doing in the house and I possibly have a bit more "design" time after work and at the weekends now. - I am working on a cool Luma-iD project right now, but another project I would love to squeeze in is my "RC Handbrake Car" project. - Essentially this is a boys toy, but with a few differences;

1. Accurate scaling of a cars proportions - what I mean by this is most RC cars have a really exaggerated look to them - I want to create a 1/12th car that looks like the real thing - only smaller!

2. Racing car performance parts - the RC technology has really moved on over the years and I want to design a car which uses these extremely fast components - the main issue at the moment is if you buy an "off the shelf" RC car you only get the cheap rubbish parts included and it takes a lot of time to learn what parts are best and to match up all the electronics, etc. - This car already has the best bits kitted out!

3. The handbrake feature - first of its kind for an RC car! - This feature is designed to make the car 10 times more fun because it can be used in a much smaller space - small technical tracks can be set-up in the back garden or in the living room and the handbrake feature opens up a lot of awesome possibilities for the driver. Also I would hope to design a controller for this car which is based on a PS3 or 360 controller that features an integrated handbrake trigger.

Anyway, this is where I got to about 18months ago... time to blow the dust of this project and get it spinning :)