FW3011 Carbon Racing Sleigh 

OK so I had to have another go at a 3DPrintUK competition! My spin on Santas sleigh in 3011 is the Carbon Racing Sleigh, at this point in time Santa is at F1 fitness and doesn’t like to hang about!

The sleigh is super light weight but incredibly strong due to the one piece carbon fibre chassis which absorbs enormous jumps and any bad landings. The sleigh features a top secret (almost frictionless) titanium alloy runner which is bonded to the chassis. The tub that the driver, I mean Santa sits in is supported with a shock absorber system to the chassis. 


The A.P.E.

The A.P.E. [Advanced Persuasion Device] is a remotely controlled Avatar. It has no firing weapons but its immense strength and heavy armour are enough to keep the enemy in check.”
After a week of late nights I have finally completed my entry for the Gizmodo/3DPrintUK 3D printing competition. The brief was to create an avatar character for the Halo world.
Because I am a CAD designer and a bit rusty with 3DMAX I decided to design a mech type device using Solidworks. I wanted the design to have a cool distinctive silhouette, something that stands out so I thought a super strong ape mech would be a bit different and look great printed in 3D.