From Star Trekking to Chopping

This has been my first attempt at modelling my chopper design in Solidworks. Before I spend more time on the model I would like to start it again as I was not happy with the look and balance, in particular the frame is too wide at the rear making tank look small. I also feel the frame is a little long and I have lost some of the fairing detail I originally drew in my sketches.
Sometimes I find with design that you need to go through this process to understand how the product works, before I started I didn't really appreciate the relationship of the engine, frame, exhaust, etc and now now I do, so the FusionWeld MKII will start shortly!

Star Trek Fan Art for Shapeways

This week I was asked to model five Star Trek ships to get 3D printed by Shapeways (starting from €13.00 each) 

A PDF showing further views can be downloaded here
It was fun to model these in Solidworks, a quick video explaining the steps I took to building The Norway can be seen here;