New Website

Well it's Monday night on the 15th January, 2010, I've had a hectic and tiring day at work and (about an hour ago) decided to go to bed early. However I couldn't help thinking I need to update my website (formally, and I've had this domain setup with a Squarespace account for over 2 years! So I'm out of bed and writing this!!

I'm 25 years old and a product designer, spending most of the day as I am now starring at a screen pushing at buttons. Normally at this point of deciding I want to create a new website I would sit down and research what is out there, draw up some ideas, etc. I then thought it would be pretty cool to document the creation of the site and blog it! - Perhaps it will create an interesting story and something cool for you to follow.

So, this is what my screen currently looks like;

It's pretty much blank, nothing to see here, zip. Just an old image created 2 years ago with my brother David (the name FusionWeld was "sparked" up between us as idea to create a joint site with our different skills in art and design coming together and a bit of fun, unfortunately neither of us had the time).

So, I guess the next step; form a list of stuff I want to stick into the site;

1. Designs I like, product, architectural & electrical

2. What I am up to (this blog & perhaps I enter the world of twitter)

3. Interesting design related things my friends are up to

4. A portfolio of my designs

5. Some photography and art of mine

6. General other geeky things that I would like to share

Better get cracking then! Wish me luck!


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