Day 4..5 and a bit?!

Ok, time as usual has passed by so quickly, it is bordering the start of March and less work has taking place then expected. Nevermind, I have decided to keep the pages of the site short in number and spares in design, so I can fill them up with content and tweak the look at a later stage.

In case anyone is wondering, I am using Squarespace to build my website, which is a fantastic online tool. You pay for the hosting and content space per month and In return you get a constantly updating and improving website building tool. Check out some examples here.

Well a dull update, but hey ho! Keep coming back to see the progress!


Day 2

Day 2 will involve much less text! I've had a quick play with some logos and after some "shower thinking" this morning, I've decided I want a clean all white website with a large high contrast look.

So here is the look of the website before I get busy with some whiteness!












And here is the end result from day 2, the laptop is about to run out, so I'm off!