What is 3D Printing?
A model is created inside a 3D program I use called Solidworks. This model is designed from your idea. The model is sent to a printing company (such as 3DPrintUK) where the materials, colour and finish can be chosen, the model is then printed out and shipped to your door. Depending on the size, most models will take a few days to construct. 

What do you do?

I can work with you to get your idea onto Solidworks, ready for 3D printing. As a product designer the more details you can give me the better (some drawings with key dimensions, reference images from the internet or even a sketch on a napkin!).

What is your USP?
Speed and accuracy, I have been using Solidworks for over 8 years and have been working with prototypes for over 6 years so if you need a design in a hurry I would be a good option.

What do you charge?
I charge £25-35 an hour depending on the time-scale and how complex the modelling is. Please contact me at mark@fusionweld.com for a quotation of your project.

Case Study: Architectural Model
The PodPassiv design by Charlie Greig is a great example. I took the architect's model and re-drew it so it was suitable for 3D printing. I also constructed the building so each wall panel could be removed to show the metal frame. The process from start to finish from being sent the data to a printed delivered model took us two weeks. The scale model is to be used in exhibitions around the country to showcase Charlie's design.

Case Study: Chopper 3D Print
As a product designer I sometimes find it hard to switch off! I am a huge fan of the American Chopper series on Discovery and couldn't resist having a go at designing a chopper myself. I modelled the bike to scale in Solidworks with individual parts as I would normally design a product. It only took a few hours to convert this CAD assembly into a single part (with increased wall thicknesses) ready to be 3D printed. I sized it down to 1/20th scale and printed it from Shapeways.

Case Study: Sci-Fi Model
3D printing was used to make a one of a kind model created for the world of Halo. Lots of detail was created on the CAD model which really gave the final 3D print a true sense of scale and realism. The image above shows a half-completed model, please check another blog post here for the final painted model.

Case Study: Prototypes
I use 3D printing, (or more commonly called "rapid prototyping") in the fishing design industry I currently work in. This is a fantastic product design tooling which reduces the lead time from brief to tooling because ideas can be quickly tested and developed. The images above only show a small example of the range of materials that are possible with 3D printing.